Bethel Bunnies Netherland Dwarf Rabbits

Probably the cutest little pure-bred Netherland Dwarf bunnies in the South East


Quotes Hi ezzayyek? I just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful rabbit you delivered to us. He is an absolute joy and is so well behaved. He runs around the house and never makes a mess on the carpet because he seems to know that the cage is where he needs to do his business. God bless, Khalid Quotes
Khalid & Shadia
Happy Bunny Owner

Quotes My little boy bunny was lonely so we got him a girlfriend from Joann. It took a litlle while for them to get used to each other but I'm happy to say they are now inseparable. Quotes
Bunny Bonded

Quotes Joann is completely dedicated to her bunnies and is always there to help with a wealth of experience. She's been so good to us and has even treated our chinchilla doe for an eye infection. The personal service is second to none and I would highly recommend her if you ever decide to get a bunny. We now own our very handsome bunny Buttons, a very gentle and friendly little animal and we love him to bits. Quotes
Nina MacDougall
Happy customer

Quotes He is very happy and healthy, and we have converted our old kids playhouse into a comfortable home full of toys for him so he has lots of room to run around. We are hoping to get a little friend for him once we have got him "done", so i'm sure we will be in contact in a few months if we decide to go ahead with buying another one. Thank you so much for all your help when adopting Popsey - all the bunnies are very lucky to have someone as caring as you to look after them! Quotes
Happy Customer

Quotes Man if you want to have some fun Get yourself a lttle bun They will play and keep you amused No-one sane has ever refused. Quotes
Leroy Jackson
Bunny Rap

Quotes my 2 little guys are great fun to have around.. nice to see them growing up together. Quotes
Bunny Lover

Quotes Aaah couldn't wait to get my new bun home. He's a real sweetheart ! Quotes
Kim Button
Happy Owner

Quotes Well what a surprise for the kids ! They adore their new pets. They are so friendly and easy to handle. Quotes
Jill Kemp
Bunny mad

Quotes Brill service. We love our little bunny boys ! Quotes
Iain Jolly
New Buns

Quotes Really great personal service and aftercare. Good advice given. Would highly recommend this Breeder to anyone who wants a great bunny as a pet for themselves or their children. We'll be recommending Bethel Bunnies to our friends ! Quotes
Julie Kelly
Happy Mum
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