Bethel Bunnies Netherland Dwarf Rabbits

Probably the cutest little pure-bred Netherland Dwarf bunnies in the South East


Quotes I just wanted to drop you a message to say thank you so much for giving us Isabella, born 29th Jan 2011. She is delightfull bunny and very smart too! She has grown to 1.45kg, I was worried if its not too much for a dwarf rabbit but vet has said she is in good health and that she will not grow, gain weight anymore should we keep going with her food as we do now. She is still on Wagg, has fresh parsley leaf and drinks her favourite cammomille tea and eats our wallpaper :), but I could not imagine my life without her! Thank you very much for such bashful bunny!! Quotes
Janka and David
Our Isabella

Quotes We are so happy with our new mini lops Amber and Alice and Joann has been fantastic with ongoing guidance and advice. I've had rabbits before but these are just the friendliest inquisitive bunnies I've seen, and it's so clear they've been brought up well. They just love human contact and are already bringing us hours of joy. The cage and playpen bought from Joann have also been great and the bunnies just love to explore. They look forward to coming back to Bethel bunnies for a bunny holiday! Thank you for our bundles of joy x Quotes
Happy bunny mummy

Quotes Our bunnies have settled in really well and the kids just adore them. They feed them before they go to school and rush home after to cuddle them. They are already litter trained and we are so glad we go them. Thanks for all you helpful advice and support. Quotes
Joan Reed
Delighted Customer

Quotes Hi Joann I am just emailing you to thank you for our bunny. We have named him Gimli. He was so confident when we brought him home and he just loves to explore everything. He is such an angel with such a cheeky personality I could not ask for a better behaved bunny. Thank you ever so much for your help and advice. Isobel Quotes
Isobel Smith
Bunny Friend

Quotes Hi Joann, Thought I would give you a quick update on Ruby. She is such a lovely bunny, gentle and inquisitive, wonderful nature about her. She is using her litter tray already and jumping around seems very happy. She's got lots of toys, her favourite appears to be her digging mat which is 100% natural so she can eat it. I took her to the vets and he said she was a specimen of health (fantastic teeth alignment apparently). Quotes
Hannah Harding
Happy Bunnny Owner

Quotes Wow ! Great thinking ! JK Quotes

Quotes Hi I should have thought of that ! Quotes

Quotes This is to say a big thank you for all the advice you gave us,being new to keeping bunnys the time you gave us explaining all the do's and don'ts, nothing was too much trouble and we very much appreciated it all,and the two bunnys we had from you Toby and Sam have bonded like brothers,we love them to bits,once again Joann, thank you. Quotes
Arthur & Di
Very Happy New Bunny Owners

Quotes Thought I would let you know how well Timmy has settled in although he & Inca are still not friends yet. He spends as much time in the house with us as he does in the garden. He is such a funny little boy & makes us laugh a lot. He still eats constantly & you would be surprised how much he has grown. I can't begin to tell you how much pleasure he has brought us. Thanks Quotes
Delighted Family

Quotes Hi Joann, Just to let you know the bunnies have settled in nicely. They looked petrified after the car journey but were soon investigating their new surroundings. They are eating and drinking well and the toilet training seems to be working out too! We had planned to let them have the run of the hall initially to see how it went but Ewan decided to let them in the living room and they love it there! Misty (the smoke one) absolutely loves it, she has been doing jumps and skips and twists in the air (Im assuming this is happy behaviour and not stress, please let me know if it is stress but my rabbit book says this is happy). Snowy has started jumping too and is getting really affectionate. They both ran up to me last night and I get nudges from Snowy a lot especially on the face. They are both really curious and have sniffed every inch of the house. Quotes
Delighted New Bunny Owner

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