Bethel Bunnies Netherland Dwarf Rabbits

Probably the cutest little pure-bred Netherland Dwarf bunnies in the South East


Quotes Hi Joann Just wanted to say a HUGE thankyou for the two beautiful bunnies we bought home yesterday. They are both settling in very well and are already spoilt rotten. We cant thankyou enough for all your help and advice and for finding us two such adorable bunnies. Will send you pics and updates of their progress. Thankyou once again. Sandy and Doug Quotes
Sandy and Doug "our two bundles of joy"

Quotes Our agouti rabbit called Tula has settled in well, so much so that our cat has been getting a tad suspicious as to all the love and attention she has been given! (might I add that the two are beginning to get on quite well!) Thank you Joanne so much for giving us such a wonderful rabbit! Quotes

Quotes Hi Joann, I thought I would let you know all three rabbits are doing fine and have settled in to their new home well. The grey one (Boo Boo) is very shy, the black one (Cucumber) is very easy to handle and enjoys a cuddle and the black otter (Co Co) is very inquisitive and confident, likes to be exploring. Both Boo Boo and Co Co seem to have adopted Cucumber as their baby, we have actually caught Boo Boo carrying Cucumber back to the hutch and Cucumber is cuddled by Boo Boo and Co Co when they sleep. A big thank you to you, they are wonderful. Zoe Quotes
Sigrist Family
Three Little Lodgers

Quotes Hi Joann You have done it again, picked out two wonderful bunnies for Di and myself. They are wonderful and have really bonded (how do you do it?). They have a wonderful temperament, just like Toby and Sam. The excitement in the mornings and the evenings I like to think is seeing me, but it could be it's feeding time. They have been out in the runs and love the freedom all the jumping and running around they love it. Thank you once again Joann. Lots of love from Toby, Sam, Barney, Harley Di and Arthur xx Quotes
Arthur & Di
Two More Little Boys

Quotes We took home 3 gorgeous baby bunnies and would just like to say a huge thank you to Bethel Bunnies as they have brought so much joy to our home. Our Vet says they have great teeth and are very healthy. I would recommend Joanne to anyone. Quotes
Happy Customer
3 Little Treasures

Quotes Just to say thank you so much for your help with the new bunny, after the unfortunate business of little Alan being stolen. Bonding the new bunny with Fluffy was pretty quick and painless, they are now best of friends and are seldom found more than a couple of inches apart! And George is completely besotted with her (though he thinks she's a him - he's called him Albert). So we have a happy ending after all, and thanks in no small part to you. Thanks again. Quotes
Happy Ending

Quotes Dexter is doing so well and is the nicest little boy. on the first day he was sleeping in the sofa next to us, and already on the second day we had a friend over and we were all sat in the the bed and he kept jumping up to say Hello. He is very sociable and doesn't seem to be afraid of anyone. He also likes to sit on my shoulder or sleep on my lap when I'm watching TV. My room is rabbit-proof now so he gets to run free all the time. He seem to enjoy his cardboard box with tunnels more than his hutch though. Thanks for letting us have this great bunny. Quotes

Quotes Hi Joann, She is such a lovely bunny, gentle and inquisitive, wonderful nature about her. She is using her litter tray already and jumping around seems very happy. She's got lots of toys, her favourite appears to be her digging mat which is 100% natural so she can eat it. I took her to the vets and he said she was a specimen of health (fantastic teeth alignment apparently). Quotes
Happy Owner

Quotes I just thought I would let you know that my new addition has settled in incredibly well. I thought she would be very nervous, for the first few days at least, and maybe hiding in her shelter, but she has been very inquisitive & not nervous at all. She is eating & drinking well too. Hope to hear from you soon regarding her sister. Thanks again Alison Quotes

Quotes I just wanted to let you know that the little blue otter and the black one we got from you have settled in so well and are curled up together. They are so cute and happy bunnies.We adore them and will send you some photos shortly. Thank you so much for your expert help and advice. We are so grateful and pleased with our new family additions and the service you provide. Quotes
Bunny Mummy

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