Bethel Bunnies Netherland Dwarf Rabbits

Probably the cutest little pure-bred Netherland Dwarf bunnies in the South East


Quotes I bought a little Blue Otter Doe from you nearly 5 years ago and she wanted to let you know what an amazing impact she has had on my life to date... Quite bizarrely I went from knowing almost nothing about rabbit care and welfare to authoring 2 books with another 2 on the way- all about rabbit behaviour! Morgs has over 400 twitter followers and over 1,400 Facebook followers- she has helped many other owners understand their little loony lagos and completely rules my life. She thought it would be nice to say 'Hi' xx Warm regards and kind wishes, Samantha and Morgs Quotes
Samantha Wright
Morgs Rules OK !

Quotes Just to let you know that Noah our new bunny has settled in well in his new home in the Cotswolds. He's got on really well with Hazel, & they both love scampering around the garden & cuddling with the kids. We can always send you some photos of him in his new home, but most of the ones of Noah are blurred as he spends so much time dashing around... Quotes
New Bunny Owner

Quotes "Joann is passionate about her rabbits. I was so impressed by the wonderful surroundings all her rabbits enjoy, which must be why they are all so happy and chilled. We bought our first rabbit, Bob in December 2009 and he is such a character. Joann gave us loads of great advice on how to home and socialise Bob which was great. Last week we collected our second rabbit, Jodie as a partner for Bob. Once again, Joann helped us understand how to introduce Bob and Jodie and to start the bonding process. Within 24 hours, the bonding process was well underway and they are already inseparable. I highly recommend Joann to anyone who is looking to provide a loving home to beautiful Netherland Dwarf's." Quotes
Satisfied Customer

Quotes Thank you so much for our beloved bunnies: Gingersnap and Storm. They are really enjoying their new home and bring us so much enjoyment. I would highly recommend JoAnn when buying bunnies. She was full of friendly advice and very welcoming. Thank you for selling us such well-cared for bunnies. Quotes
Mel & family
Satisfied Bunny Owner

Quotes We just want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Hazel and Shadow are doing great. I took them to Petsathome to get their nails clipped. Now they run around the house very happy. They are both bonded well with each other. Asya my daughter, is like the Pied Piper, they follow each other around & play He . From the bottom of our hearts we wish you all health and happiness and prosperity for 2014 & beyond . Happy New year .& thank you for everything you have done for us and the bunnies From Paul, Nalan, Asya Daniel, Shadow & Hazel Quotes
Paul & Nalam
Pied Piper

Quotes Hi Joann, Thought I'd drop you a quick line. Rolo is loving his new home and is an adorable addition to the family. Thank you for all your help, you made the acquisition of our first pet a real pleasure! Kind regards, Paul. Quotes
Paul Dover
Happy Bunny Owner

Quotes Thank you again for the magical bunnies! They are super cute and beautiful :) Quotes
Kirill & Julia

Quotes "So pleased with our little bew bunny who has only been here few days but already settled & seems very content.such a friendly bunny" janet b Quotes
Janet Bowers
Happy Bunny Mom

Quotes Thank you for raising my beautiful rabbits. They have settled in nicely and are very happy. The girls have really made themselves at home ! Pumpkin is a fidget bottom and is always on the go and Liquorice is more timid but quickly flips on her side and relaxes once she feels secure :) We absolutely adore them !! Thank you x Quotes
Georgia & Vanessa
Part of the Family

Quotes Tinkerbelle and Rue are adorable and have made us so happy. They are so intelligent and entertaining. We can't imagine our lives without them now. Thanks a million Joann Quotes
Vanessa & George
Delighted Customers
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