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Probably the cutest little pure-bred Netherland Dwarf bunnies in the South East

Bethel Bunnies ..... That's All Folks !!  2018
We have given up breeding Netherland Dwarfs now but you are welcome to browse this site for care info etc.

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We are a small Family-run Rabbitry based between High Wycombe and Marlow, Bucks, and have a base stock of around 25 rabbits, consisting of 20 does and 5 bucks. We specialise in Netherland Dwarfs, one of the smallest rabbits in the world, and have shown them in the past. We do not cross-breed. Prices vary from £30 - £45 according to age, colour and pedigree.

We love to find good homes for our weaned baby bunnies, older youngsters and adult bunnies so if you love rabbits and want to find a quality bunny who has been health-checked wormed, litter-trained and socialised with lots of advice and on-going support, then check out our site...   We currently have 525 members of our site, if you'd like to join us please click Members  Welcome aboard !!


The Netherland Dwarf breed was first produced in the Netherlands in the early 20th century. Small Polish rabbits were bred with smaller wild rabbits. After several generations the resulting animal was a very small domestic rabbit produced in a wide variety of colours and patterns. Netherland Dwarfs were first imported into the United Kingdom in 1948. Through generations of selective breeding, the modern Netherland Dwarf has become a gentle, friendly pet rabbit, and is more popular than larger breeds because they are easy to handle, house and feed.

Netherland Dwarfs are very small rabbits weighing no more than 1.34kgs. Their bodies are short and compact, faces are round and flat with very short ears, less than 5cms long. Dwarf rabbits come in a variety of colours, including Blue-Eyed White, Black/Blue/Lilac/Choc Otter, Chocolate, Smoke Pearl, Lynx, Red, Orange, Red Agouti, Harlequin, Magpie and Agouti (wild rabbit colour - mixed brown with grey flecking). Vienna marked, means that they have some white patterns often a white stripe on the head, and are carrying the blue-eyed white gene.  

Tortoiseshell                                                                             Argente Cream Buck                      


Marten Sable


Siamese Smoke - Tulip 




Chocolate Otter

  Black, black otter and agouti                                                             Vienna's                                   

Blue-eyed whites                                                                Cinnamon & Lynx

  Black and Tan                                                          Black Otters




 Black self and Black Vienna

 Orange Babies

Magpie Doe





Argente Champagne Doe 

Sleepy-time for Harli  zzzzzz


Please note the rabbit photos on this page are for display only and not currently for sale

Rabbit Care - See Our Care Info Page

Location : South Bucks between High Wycombe and Marlow : M40 jct. 4

Nearest Train Station - High Wycombe or Marlow


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